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Fights Sludge and Deposits

Over time, conventional oils can sometimes form sludge, which can reduce your engine’s efficiency and, ultimately, reduce the life of your engine. Synthetic oils contain fewer impurities and are designed to better resist the formation of sludge, therefore maintaining their viscosity (or ability to flow) and preventing deposits from forming.

In an industry standard test measuring sludge protection and engine cleanliness, Mobil 1™ synthetic motor oil provided outstanding sludge protection.

Sludge Protection

Mobil 1 can clean up virtually all sludge in just one oil change.

Everyday stop-and-go driving is a major cause of sludge buildup in engines. Mobil 1 keeps engines running like new by providing superior protection against sludge and deposit formation.

Sludge ratings, based on a 10-point scale - 10 being the cleanest - demonstrate the exceptional cleaning power of Mobil 1 synthetic oil.

Before Mobil 1 (Bottom End)

Sludge rating before cleanup: 6.9
After Mobil 1 (Bottom End)

Sludge rating after Mobil 1 cleanup: 9.7

Before Mobil 1 (Top Deck)

Sludge rating before cleanup: 8.1
After Mobil 1 (Top Deck)

Sludge rating after Mobil 1 cleanup: 9.7

In a controlled test, a 2009 Chrysler Sebring ran with conventional oil until the engine had formed significant sludge. Technicians then changed the oil, using Mobil 1 5W-30, and ran the vehicle for another 4,000 miles. After that one oil change, virtually all sludge had been cleaned up.

At very high temperatures, conventional and semi-synthetic motor oils start to oxidize and turn to sludge. Mobil 1 motor oils do not. Mobil 1 synthetic oils are capable of protecting engines at temperatures in excess of 500°F/260°C. This type of stability is especially important for stop-and-go driving, for high-tech engines that tend to run at higher temperatures, and for turbocharged engines.

Before Mobil 1 (Top Deck) Before Mobil 1 Sludge rating before cleanup: 8.1 After Mobil 1 (Top Deck) After Mobil 1 Sludge rating after Mobil 1 cleanup: 9.7