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Rapid Cold Starts

The first few seconds after engine start-up can cause significant engine wear. That’s why it’s critical that motor oil flows freely and quickly to these parts in an instant, even when the oil has been sitting overnight in subzero temperatures.

When it’s extremely cold, the naturally occurring wax molecules in conventional motor oil thicken, which can prevent it from being pumped throughout your engine to lubricate and protect critical engine parts at startup. Once the engine is warm, the oil flows as it should. Synthetic oil contains greatly reduced levels of wax, so that it stays viscous (flowing) in lower temperatures, enabling the oil in your engine to start pumping more quickly than conventional oils.

Mobil 1™ synthetic motor oil flows at temperatures down to -35°F, so that your car will get the oil that it needs immediately after startup, which is one of the most important times for an oil to perform at its best.

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