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Why Synthetics?

Conventional oil is simply refined crude oil. Synthetic oil, however, is not only refined, but it is also distilled, purified, and broken down into its basic molecules. It is then rebuilt and added to, so that it can better protect against wear, high heat, cold weather and sludge buildup. Ultimately, this process helps your car’s engine run better for longer. You can explore more about these benefits below.

Crude oil is pumped from the ground and refined to make conventional mineral base oils. Although refining processes may be advanced, impurities remain in conventional base oils that compromise their performance.

Synthetic base oils are manufactured via complex, non-conventional processes, and, as a result, contain far fewer impurities and more uniform molecules, giving them higher stability under extreme conditions.

But not all synthetic motor oils are created equal. Mobil 1 is engineered with more than 16 unique components, custom blended using proprietary processes. The advanced full synthetic formulas are the eighth generation of Mobil 1 synthetic oil technology and represent more than 37 years of synthetic oil research and proven performance, even under some of the toughest conditions

Rating Synthetic Oil Performance

With years of experience and top resources, our expert engineers carefully select every component in order to maximize our synthetic oils’ capabilities. With over 40 years of research and development in this field, ExxonMobil has devised a proprietary, advanced formula proven to keep your engine running like new. That’s why more car builders recommend Mobil 1 synthetic oil as factory fill than any other motor oil brand in the world.

Why Synthetics

Why Synthetics